Research and Development

Department of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chinese Medicine Resources

We are devoted to control the efficacy and safety of Chinese medicinal materials and to discover new drugs. We attach great importance to cooperation and teamwork for our researches. The main subjects of our studies are shown below:

  1. Identification of Chinese herbs and medicinal materials using traditional and molecular biology methods.
  2. Tissue culture of medicinal plants and production of secondary metabolites.
  3. Chinese medicine quality control
  4. Biosynthesis regulation, purification and identification of pharmacologically active ingredients in Chinese herbs and medicinal materials.
  5. New drug discovery and pharmacological study.


Department of Cosmeceutics

The Department of cosmeceutics in complying with the idiosyncrasy of Chinese medicine of the University, is mainly devoted to foster professional capacities of students in cosmetics R&D and testing, as supplemented with the manufacturing, and sales management of cosmetics; thus enhancing students' interest in research and product development capability, and strengthening the global competitiveness of domestic cosmetic industry in manufacturing and R&D.  Key point researches:

  1. Developing of applied cosmetics, Application of biomass, Separation and purification of bioactive material.
  2. Free radical biology and medicine, Antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, wound healing, and herbal cosmeceutics, Bioactivities of natural products and Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine.
  3. Pharmaceutical chemistry, Clinical pharmacy, Perfumery and cosmeceutics
  4. Lipid and flavor chemistry, Emulsification and microencapsulation, Supercritical carbon dioxide techniques.
  5. Development of functional cosmetics, Research of photoaging and phototoxicity, Dermacosmeceutic pharmacokinetics, Nano-carrier dosageform and delivery, Nano-carrier dosageform and delivery.
  6. Nanobiomaterials, Targeting drug delivery systems, Nanotechnology and nanocosmetics.
  7. Chemistry of flavor and fragrance, Essential oil, Aromatherapy. 
  8. Natural product chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, drug development, Traditional Chinese herbs.


Department of Nutrition

We recruited faculties expertized in basic, clinical and public nutrition, as well as in food science. All of them are very active in basic research and/or industrial collaboration. The research area covers:

  1. Nutrition, phytochemicals and illness
  2. Research and development of the functional foods
  3. Molecular and cellular nutrition
  4. Food safety


Department of Biological Science and Technolog

This department is built on the framework of physiology, pharmacology, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Besides, we integrate traditional Chinese and Western medicine, assemble diverse research expertise from our faculty members with many different professional fields, draw on the foundation of modern molecular biotechnology, combine the developmental foci of biotech industry, and make full use of all of the CMU-affiliated research centers, in hope of providing students with a wide view of the cutting edge of biotechnology. We also diversify the undergraduate curriculum so that it will equip students with the flexibility to respond to the rapid growing of biotech industry. Moreover, our department offers undergraduate students ample research training opportunities in their curricula. There are many labs to choose from, including:

  1. Lab of Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Lab of Bacterial Pathogenesis
  3. Lab of Signal Transduction
  4. Lab of Nano-Biomedical Engineering
  5. Lab of Bioinformatics & Computer-Aided Drug Design
  6. Lab of Protein Science & Technology
  7. Lab of Immunology
  8. Lab of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  9. Lab of Nano-Biomaterials
  10. Lab of Gene therapy
  11. Lab of Anti-Cancer Chinese Herbal Medicine
  12. Lab of Tumor Biology (Cancer Biology)

Research Resources

Picture of instrument Instrument Location Administrator
Name Telephone E-mail
Flow Cytometry Cell culture room,
Liuchuan Hall 6F
Prof. Jing-Gung Chung +886-422053366  ext 2530
Flow Cytometry Cell culture room,
Liuchuan Hall 6F
Prof. Tzong-Der Way +886-422053366 ext 2509