About us

College of Life Sciences

In the recent three decades, the importance and contribution of life science research, including biotechnology, towards human and environmental ecology has already caught up the eyes of the public. Especially, following the era of information and semiconductor technology, biotechnology has become one of the major scientific and technological developments in the 21st century. The China Medical University (CMU) founded the College of Life Sciences on 1 August 2007 in order to integrate the specialties of Western and Chinese medicine in CMU, provide the theoretical research findings and practical operation techniques, and then contribute to the society and the environment.

Basic qualities

Benevolence, cautious, diligent, honest

Student core competencies

1. Active learning and self-improvement
2. Interpersonal and communication skills
3. Humane care and social services
4. Professional competence and ethical literacy
5. Health promotion and future prospects
6. Independent thinking and problem solving
7. International vision and English communication